[jp] 1.6.0. - alarm commands - %D and %N are not substitued

Rik rdrider0-jpilot at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 16:50:09 EDT 2008

>I compiled it with the '--enable-alarm-shell-danger' option. When jpilot is
>not compiled with this option, you can't run a command alongside the alarm
>popup. My problem is that two parameters are being substituted (date, and
>time), and two are not (description and note).

Congratulations on finding the first problem with 1.6.0.  The configure
script is not setting ENABLE_ALARM_SHELL_DANGER because of a typo.

To workaround the problem try the following steps
1) run ./configure with whatever options you normally include
2) edit the generated file "config.h"
   Change the commented line to read '#define ENABLE_ALARM_SHELL_DANGER 1'
   Save and close the file
3) run make normally

Those steps worked for me and I have patched CVS.


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