[jp] Jpilot on maemo (N800/N810)?

Atul Chitnis lists at atulchitnis.net
Mon Jun 16 01:05:11 EDT 2008

Hi all,

The N800/N810 are highly popular Linux-based handheld Internet tablets (not 
phones), mostly GTK based. Amazon named the N800 as their best selling computer 
for 2007.

I know that there have been attempts in the past to port jpilot to the maemo 
(then on the Nokia 770), which died out at some point.

There is no real comprehensive PIM suite for maemo (the linux flavour on the 
N800/N810). This is based on Nokia's position that their Internet Tablets are 
*not* PDAs (fair enough - they are much more than that), but that is 
functionality people really need *as well*.

The N8x0s are basically ARM machines, run a debian-derived Linux flavour 
(complete with apt-get!), and as can be expected, there is lots of support for 
developers out there - complete with emulators, development environments, 
support libraries, etc.

Sadly, I am no developer (though I wield a mean vi when creating bash scripts! 
:), but I was wondering if there have been any renewed attempts at porting 
jpilot to this platform?

Would certainly be a worthwhile (and attention-getting :) FOSS project for 
someone looking for one!


Atul Chitnis
Bangalore, India

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