[jp] Any datebook change in jpilot leads to a sync error

Justus-bulk at piater.name Justus-bulk at piater.name
Thu Jun 5 03:53:03 EDT 2008

Hi -

I have been having the following problem for some time, possibly but
not necessarily since a jpilot upgrade:

Whenever I change a datebook entry in jpilot (only), the subsequent
sync gives me the following message:

  Sync Conflict: a DatebookDB record must be manually merged

The entry in question is duplicated (both on the Palm and in
jpilot). The only way to fix it is to delete the unwanted entry on the
Palm; if I delete it in jpilot, it reappears after the following sync.

I have tried fast and slow syncs, overwriting the DatebookDB on the
Palm with jpilot's version and vice versa, exporting everything to CSV
and reimporting after erasing ~/.jpilot/DatebookDB.pdb, and syncing
after removing the DatebookDB on the Palm; all to no avail.

Here is my environment after the CSV reimport:

PalmOne Treo 600:
  DatebookDB: 495492 bytes and 4057 records, no flags set except Backup

Debian testing:
  pilot-link 0.12.3-4+b1
  libpisock9 0.12.3-4+b1
  sync via usb:
  ~/.jpilot/DatebookDB.pdb: 447084 bytes

What might be going on? Thanks for any help!

The upside: I have never observed any data loss or inconsistencies
between the Palm and JPilot, including across the above surgery which
all succeeded flawlessly.


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