[jp] Calendar corruption -0.99.9 - Help needed

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sat Jul 12 14:44:45 EDT 2008

You can remove the DatebookDB* from ~/.jpilot.  To remove the databases 
on the Palm you can download Filez, install it and then delete 
CalendarDB-PDat.  You may have to remove DatebookDB also, but I'd start 
with the CalendarDB.


On 07/12/2008 12:47 PM, Bill Suit wrote:
> I have corruption in my Calendar function on both my laptop and my Tungsten C.
> In my ~/.jpilot file I have the following:
> AddressDB.pc3   ExpenseDB.pc3  jpilot.plugins     Memo32DB.pc3  next_id
> AddressDB.pdb   ExpenseDB.pdb  jpilot.rc          Memo32DB.pdb  Saved 
> Preferences.prc
> DatebookDB.pc3  jpilot.alarms  jpilot_to_install  MemoDB.pc3    ToDoDB.pc3
> DatebookDB.pdb  jpilot.log     Keys-Gtkr.pc3      MemoDB.pdb    ToDoDB.pdb
> I'm guessing if I delete (DatebookDB.pc3?) something in this file it may allow 
> me to start afresh with the Calendar.
> I do not want to screw up the Address book!
> Will then upgrade to 1.6.
> TIA,
> Bill
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