[jp] Ubuntu 7.10 JPilot Syncs, But Won't Install Anything

tjlm at comcast.net tjlm at comcast.net
Mon Feb 4 14:36:16 EST 2008

I installed jpilot and pilot-link for my Palm TX to my newly installed Ubuntu 7.10, added "usb:" to the settings, and it synced fine. But when I try to install anything, it won't work. I found the online manual and what I've done looks just like what's in the manual, but when I sync and there's anything to be installed, the install screen comes up seems to over-ride the sync process - but the whole process stays there and the TX never makes the connection to JPilot, so it won't sync. JPilot locks up right there and I have to reboot the computer. I've tried installing a .prc program, and then I tried installing a .pdb file.

If there's nothing queued in the install list, everything syncs fine. But if I can't install new files, then the TX is useless to me, since I mostly use it as an etext reader.


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