[jp] Need help restoring jpilot

Paul Erickson paule at sfu.ca
Tue Oct 2 11:31:17 EDT 2007

TR wrote:
> On Friday 28 September 2007 19:30, Paul Erickson wrote:
>> Ok, I admit it, I blew it... I got curious about evolution and gpilot so
>> thought I would try them... Needless to say
>> it did not work. So, I removed gpilot etc, but cannot get my original
>> jpilot to work... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling,
>> but when I try to sync, I get the following message.
>> pi_accept Illegal seek
>> Exiting with status SYNC_ERROR_PI_ACCEPT
>> Finished
>> Help please, I promise not to make that mistake again...
> Don't worry. JPilot doesn't do "it all", so it's understandable, IMO, that 
> you'd want explore other desktop solutions. God knows I've struggled to get 
> Kontact (KDE's Evolution counterpart) to work for me, because it would be 
> sweet, but am not willing to live with gorked data and issues with the UI.
> Thank goodness for JPilot, or I'd be stuck with KPilot!
> I'm not sure what the problem is, but one thing that needs to be verified is 
> that one of these other programs isn't locking up the serial port used to 
> connect, i.e., "gpilot" or some such daemon process.
> -TR
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Thanks very much for the reply. I found that a "killall gpilotd" solved 
the problem.

Perhaps you could contact me off list about KPilot? I was interested in 
that also, but don't want to screw things
up again.

cheers, Paul - VA7NT - email: va7nt at telus.net

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