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Phil Mendelsohn phil at rephil.org
Wed Nov 29 13:03:15 EST 2006

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> Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 21:44:25 -0700
> From: TR <tmst at nethere.com>
> Subject: Re: [jp] My Sync Problem

>> In light of your suggestions, here is my updated "here's where I am":
>> 0. The visor driver is loaded and works correctly.
>> 1. pilot-xfer can successfully list, backup, and sync the PDA.
>> 3. jpilot is looking at the correct device file.
>> 4. jpilot connects with the PDA, but the connection is quickly dropped.
>> It appears that this is a jpilot problem.
>> I'm still out of ideas.  Anyone?
>> Pete
> Pete,
> The situation looks hopeful.
> In lieu of any more specific advice, I'd say to move your ~/.jpilot directory 
> out of the way (perhaps something is corrupted therein) and attempt another 
> backup or a sync with JPilot.
> If that doesn't work, I'd try reinstalling JPilot.
> Be sure to tell us "Where I Am". :-)

I've been reading this thread with some interest.  It seems that I have 
exactly the same symptoms as Pete (as well as just having finished a 
M.Sc. in Math -- I hope that's not a part of the trouble!)

I did try moving .jpilot/ and reinstalling -- no joy.

I'm not sure how quickly your pilot drops things, but mine (a Handspring 
Visor) just barely flashes before there is trouble.

I have done this using usb:, or /dev/pilot, or /dev/ttyUSB1.  All of 
these seem to be set up correctly.

I am using Debian, and vaguely recall something about libusb (was it?) 
needing the visor module blacklisted, but it's obviously loaded, and I 
can't find that doumentation anywhere.  Plus the thing that really 
throws me is, like Pete, it's been working through pilot-link.

If I scratch my head further, I'll go bald -- and I *KNOW* it worked 
back in Sept.

Thanks for any further ideas.


P.S.:  where are you studying, Pete?

"To misattribute a quote is unforgivable." -- Anonymous

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