[jp] how to launch a new email window?

Jaime Garcia arponero at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 04:04:54 EST 2006


Thanks for your quick answer.
Actually, all buttons at the left of the "Show in List" radio are labeled
with "Dial" independently what I select in the right drop-down menu (even
Mail). Clicking the dial button pop-ups a "Phone Dialer" window. Is it
something wrong with my configuration?

I'm running jpilot 0.99.9 on ubuntu edgy.

Thanks again and regards,

2006/11/29, Rik <rdrider0-jpilot at yahoo.com>:
> Jaime,
> Try clicking on the button labeled 'Mail' to the left of the 'Show in
> List' radio button.  Incidentally, the field type must be e-mail for the
> Mail button to be active.  Otherwise the default Dial button will be
> shown.
> --Rik
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