[jp] Sync problems

Donn Washburn n5xwb at hal-pc.org
Thu Nov 23 10:45:50 EST 2006

Peter Jay Salzman wrote:
>> If you do try it you will be rewarded with a faster more perfectly
>> configured machine with less chance of a lockup.
> Wrong.  Choosing to not build a module does not lead to a "faster more
> perfectly configured machine with less chance of a lockup".  That's just
> silly.  Where would you get such an idea?
> A module that never gets loaded (including a driver that never gets used)
> does NOT slow the machine down.  It does NOT lead to a machine that less
> likely to lock-up.  I suggest you read the Linux Kernel Module Programmer's
> Guide (which I'm the author of) before making claims like this.
> Peter
Right! because the kernel level instructions work more correctly when 
configured in the kernel than the default one that the Distro people 
use.  Like i386 or i586 on a Intel or AMD new chip.  I haven't played 
much with a 64 bit machine but think of running a 64 bit machine on a 32 
bit default kernel

Correct on the no change by using modules - but why by default should 
this AMD Athlon-xp run correctly with Intel Pentium III instructions?
The main reason for modules over buildins is custom configuration. 
Which allows a Distro to setup many different parts of a users machine.
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