[jp] Sync problems

Peter Jay Salzman p at dirac.org
Wed Nov 22 21:02:37 EST 2006

On Wed 22 Nov 06,  7:26 PM, Donn Washburn <n5xwb at hal-pc.org> said:
> You may have just reminded me why mine has been failing -> "visor"
> "lsmod | grep visor" showed nothing.  Thanks for the reminder.

You can check to see if it's built directly into the kernel (as opposed to a
loadable module) with:

   $ zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i visor


How VBA rounds a number depends on the number's internal representation.
You cannot always predict how it will round when the rounding digit is 5.
If you want a rounding function that rounds according to predictable rules,
you should write your own.
              -- MSDN, on Microsoft VBA's "stochastic" rounding function

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