[jp] No Keyring in yum package for Fedora Core 6

Carlo Graziani carlo at oddjob.uchicago.edu
Sat Nov 11 21:02:54 EST 2006

Andrew Robinson wrote:
> This may have been addressed here before. I just installed Fedora Core 6 
>   on my laptop. For the last two releases of Fedora, they have included 
> a jpilot package which made installing jpilot extremely easy. However, 
> when I fired up jpilot on FC6 last night, the Keyring plugin was 
> missing. What's up with that? The keyring plugin is one reason I use 
> jpilot over other Linux Palm desktops. Anyone know of an available rpm 
> package that includes Keyring?

It's kind of bizzarre.  I grabbed the FC6 jpilot rpm source file, installed
it, and ran rpmbuild on it.  It built the keyrong plugin -- on an FC2 (!) system.

Nonetheless, the plugin is undeniably missing from the FC6 binary rpm.

Given the amateurishness of Fedora packaging, I would guess this is a bug.
They may have built their binary package on a system without the SSL
development libraries, in which case I believe the build simply ignores
the keyring plugin, without issuing errors.

You can (1) open a bug at bugzilla, and (2) grab the source RPM and
build it yourself (making sure you have all the required devel packages
installed first, including openssl).



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