[jp] No Keyring in yum package for Fedora Core 6

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Sat Nov 11 19:55:08 EST 2006

On Sat November 11 2006 3:26, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> This may have been addressed here before. I just installed Fedora Core 6
>   on my laptop. For the last two releases of Fedora, they have included
> a jpilot package which made installing jpilot extremely easy. However,
> when I fired up jpilot on FC6 last night, the Keyring plugin was
> missing. What's up with that? The keyring plugin is one reason I use
> jpilot over other Linux Palm desktops. Anyone know of an available rpm
> package that includes Keyring?

Just uninstall JPilot and download and install the latest version from source. 
As far as I can tell, the version found in Fedora Core 6 is 0.99.8-7.1.  If 
you install compile and install it from source, it will automatically install 
the keyring plugin. It's easy to do. Just extract it into your home 
directory, and then 

./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

You might need some development libraries if you didn't install them 
previously, however. Otherwise the first two steps might not succeed.

Or you can just email me privately, and I can send you the rpm I created over 
here for jpilot 0.99.9.

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