[jp] Tips for encrypting strategies?

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Tue Nov 21 15:24:49 EST 2006

Hello all.  Not too long ago I lost an SD card from my Palm TX.  (I
recently migrated from a Vx to the TX and had never used an SD card
in a Palm before.  Didn't realize how carefully you have to
watch that the card is still there.) Naturally it had a full backup
I'd just made using NVBackup.  And just as naturally I had lots of
account data stored in my address book, user names and passwords,
that were not encrypted. Sigh....

I've been working on damage control, changing passwords and user ID's
and so on.  So far no problems that I can see with my accounts.  But I
also need to do something about the account data I keep in my Palm and
which I sync to jPilot on my Linux laptop.

Keyring is the obvious starting place.  But do any of you fellow
jPilot users have any tips or suggestions to pass along to someone
just starting out with data encryption? Are there other
encryption/password storing programs that I should consider that also
work well with jPilot?

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions you might have.


P.S. I just mistakenly sent this same message from an address not
registered on the list, so I don't think it will get through.  But
just in case, sorry if this is a duplicate.

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