[jp] otherconv.c:other_to_UTF g_convert_with_iconv error:

Donn Washburn n5xwb at hal-pc.org
Sat May 6 10:03:11 EDT 2006

otherconv.c:other_to_UTF g_convert_with_iconv error: Invalid byte 
sequence in conversion input, buff: ifrename
ifrename - rename network interfaces based on various static criteria
ifrename [-c configfile] [-p] [-d] [-v] [-V] [-D]
ifrename [-c configfile] [-i interface] [-n newname]

        -c configfile
        Set the configuration file to be used (by  default  /etc/iftab).
        The  configuration file define the mapping between selectors and
        interface names, and is described in iftab(5).
        If configfile is "-", the configuration is read from stdin.

This error shows up after entering a new or editing a old memo.
It shows up in the lower window on jpilot 0.99.8-pre10.

Any idea why.
73 de Donn Washburn
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