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Rick Ankrum texbiker at texbiker.net
Fri Mar 31 22:36:54 EST 2006

jack wallen wrote:
> TR wrote:
>> Hmm. Seems like the DocsToGo .prc file should be available somewhere so you 
>> can simply install it to the handheld using JPilot.
>> -TR
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> one would think...but you have to actually install DTG on your desktop
> (after you have the Palm Desktop installed). on the next sync (after the
> install) DTG installs the software on the PDA. i installed DTG on my
> ibook but can't find a prc file anywhere. besides wouldn't really do me
> much good because you have to use the DTG software to install docs onto
> the pda.
In the Palm backup folder look for these program files:
Use the install from JPilot or a card reader to install.


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