[jp] OT: documents to go

jack wallen jlwallen at monkeypantz.net
Fri Mar 31 18:00:02 EST 2006

> I'm a writer and use the Palm for a lot of drafts with a wireless
> keyboard.  I use Tealdoc from www.tealpoint.com.  As well as Palm doc
> format it can save to or edit from txt format which it can move or
> save to an SD card.  The Palm 4K memo size limit isn't a factor here
> and Tealpoint doesn't pretend that Linux doesn't exist.  I love there
> aps and have many of them.
> Have a great day -- George
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looks like tealdoc might be a winner! i'm going to give it a trial for a
bit and see how it goes. the only problem i can foresee is bringing the
doc back from the pda and working with it in OpenOffice.
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