[jp] J-Pilot and Fedora Core 5

Ralph Alvy ralvy at warpmail.net
Mon Mar 27 12:55:58 EST 2006

I am quite surprised by all this,  so I have replaced my RPM-based linux 
installation with CentOS, which is far less bleeding edge. I have only 
recently started to test RPM-based distros (CentOS 4.3 and Fedora Core 5). I 
was rather surprised when I compiled JPilot under FC5 and noticed that it 
told me it was compiled against pilot-link 0.12.

My office runs on Slackware, so these sorts of problems really don't exist 
there. I only do my experimenting with distros at home. My favorite distro at 
home is Arch.

Any idea of when pilot-link 0.12 might be ready for an official release? In 
the next few months?

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