[jp] J-Pilot and Fedora Core 5

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Mon Mar 27 02:45:48 EST 2006

"David A. Desrosiers" <hacker at gnu-designs.com> writes:

>    	I seriously hope they're not shipping pilot-link 0.12.x at 
> all, because the pilot-link website still says, and always has.. never 
> to package this in shipped distributions.
> Those who wish to use the code, will have to wait until official
> releases are made.

With all due respect, the latest 'official' release is v0.11.8, more
than three years old and rather outdated. Many new devices have been
added since.

Fedora Core contains a lot of alpha, beta or otherwise experimental
software. So I think it's at least understandable they prefer an
up-to-date, good-looking prerelease over an outdated stable release.

Your point of view is also understandable.

-- Johan

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