[jp] Calendar Printing

Colin Brough Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 11 05:24:18 EST 2006

> As an addendum, 0.99.8 seems to have, indeed, fixed the Calendar printing 
> problem. However, I'm still experiencing the identical problem with printing 
> my ToDo list after upgrading from 0.99.7 to ...8.
> Right now, I'm working around it by using the following as my print command:
> "ps2pdf - - | lpr"
> This seems to work for printing Calendar, ToDo, everything.

If you look at the PostScript at the start of the ToDo output, you'll
see that it more closely resembles the Calendar output from 0.99.7 -
the ToDo code wasn't updated between 0.99.7 and 0.99.8... Its actually
trickier to do, since the week and month views are guaranteed to be
single sheets, but the ToDo list could potentially be multiple sheets.
This makes generating the PostScript in a way that conforms to things
like the Adobe Document Structuring Conventions (DSC), or even coming
close, hard.

None of the PostScript jpilot currently produces fully complies, but
getting the week and month views to do so wouldn't be too hard.
Getting the ToDo and AddressBook and MemoPad output to conform would
require a major restructuring of the way the PostScript is
produced. (Read that as its unlikely to happen anytime soon!)



Colin Brough                             Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk

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