[jp] Calendar Printing

Colin Brough Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Mar 9 05:54:17 EST 2006

> I appreciate the info. It's given me some things to check out.
> I'm trying to print to U.S. letter. I've got an HP LaserJet 4L. When I use 
> either "cat > file.ps" or "lpr", the output is the same (see week.ps).
> The CUPS server is selected in the printer configuration (see 
> printer_properties.png).
> I'm opening the ps file in Ghostscript and printing to PDF from there (in my 
> workaround). Strangely, Acrobat reports the page size as A4 (see attached 
> pdf_properties.png).
> Thanks, again.

I'm puzzled by this - "week.ps" looks fine on my system - displays at
the proper size, Letter size paper.

How large is "too large"? Twice the size of the bit of paper? Or just
spilling off the page a little bit?

You are using jpilot 0.99.7 - try upgrading to the latest, 0.99.8
(with patches), and see whether that makes a difference - there are a
number of changes to the PostScript code produced by jpilot.

I suspect its something in your printing subsystem/settings from
ghostscript, but can't tell what. Is anything else printing strangely?



Colin Brough                             Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk

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