[jp] KsDatebook and tasks (and GTD?)

George Fragos fragos at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 13:14:29 EST 2006

I've used and loved Ksdatebook for years and love it even over other
package that I paid for.  There is also a Kstodo at the afore
mentioned Ksdatebook link.  I had totally replaced my todo processing
with Ksdatebook tasks but decided to try Kstodo which doesn't add a
lot to todo but dose provide a menu bar to link back to the wonderfull
Ksdatebook displays.  The Ksdatebook agenda display includes todo's.

Have a great day -- George

On 3/8/06, `Da Elf <elf at armory.com> wrote:
> Coming in late on this (soooo behind on list mail).
> I'm of the smash the spacebar method myself, but I find I use a mouse in
> Firefox and Gimp largely due the the fact my laptop has a trackpad which is
> mostly useful but with twice the effort.  And, well, I like my keyboard,
> tolerate my trackpad, and never have space for my USB mouse on my "desk",
> whatever surface I'm laying on, usually just enough space for my behind.
> Keyboard it is.
> I reacently plunged into KDE, and a number of us on this list know what KPilot
> can do to Palm data so when it "has to work, 100%", we all here know what I
> use.  My palm is my second brain, and often, my first so I rely on J-Pilot and
> have for years.  (Kudos and Roses and Beer).
> Andy : Bless you and thanks for the link to KsDatebook, since the author's
> domain is, ah, in Technical Difficulty Land.
> And, I live for Progect.  Or rather, it keeps food on my table because I'm
> notoriously bad at billing (read - lazy and more occupied with completing the
> task rather than billing against it) much to my GF's chagrin, but not bothering
> my clients much I notice (by their silence twice/month).  Anyway, I used
> TimeWhiz for a long time and it mostly worked for me.  After installing Progect
> AND linking to the task database ... well I've never looked back.  That's not
> to say I DO my billing, but I COULD if I wanted to.  I recommend it highly and
> often beam it to colleague's palms with the same results (oooo-ahhhh, Wow I
> could do my billing if I weren't postponing the ToDo, to DO that).
> So while I'm rambling and off-topic, KsDatebook gets great reviews (in the hour
> I've cared to look) but what sayeth you cats on KsToDo?  Yes?  No?  It's ok but
> not necessary?
> Cheers.
> On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Andy Gimblett wrote:
> :On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 02:24:53PM -0800, George Fragos wrote:
> :> Take a look at KsDatebook on freewarepalm.  It uses the Palm's data
> :> base and extends the presentation and features.  The feature you would
> :> be most interested in is tasks.  Tasks are kept in the date book data
> :> base and can be changed to scheduled items or carried as task to do
> :> that automatically moves to the next day if not marked completed.  I
> :> like it so much that I no longer use the ToDo Palm function.  Best of
> :> all its free.
> :
> :I've just tried it out and yes, it looks nice - I particularly like
> :the look of the week/2-week view, and the month view with text.  The
> :tasks feature George describes is possibly useful, but I think I'd
> :prefer it if it integrated with the To Do list - ie tasks created here
> :appeared in the To Do, and To Do tasks appeared here (in all views,
> :configurable).  Alas, doesn't seem to be the case.  I guess I'll have
> :to play with it a bit longer and see if I also find it useful enough
> :to ditch To Do...
> :
> :I still haven't really found the right Palm software for me to manage
> :my tasks, to be honest.  I keep wanting to implement some of the ideas
> :from Dave Allen's "Getting Things Done" (inspired by the 43 Folders
> :weblog), but haven't seen any (free, at least!) Palm software suitable
> :for the task.  Having said that, I've just searched the jpilot-list
> :archives and found a reference to progect, which looks pretty sweet
> :(and _does_ link project tasks with To Do items).  Trying it out
> :now...
> :
> :Finally, note that the download link for KsDatebook on freewarepalm is
> :broken.  Instead, I found it at:
> :
> :    http://jeffcovey.net/palmos/of_possible_interest/
> :
> :(I'm on a Tungsten C, btw.)
> :
> :Cheers,
> :
> :-Andy
> :
> :
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