[jp] keyring sync problem with jpilot

P. Oscar Boykin oscar.boykin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 11:32:29 EST 2006


I have a problem that I cannot seem to solve with the GNU Keyring plugin on
jpilot.  I am using: jpilot version 0.99.9-cvs from debian unstable.  I am
using it with a Tungsten T3.  I have used it for approximately 1.5 years and
only recently has there been any problem.  I have only used this device with
one computer running Debian GNU/Linux (unstable).

The problem is the following:

At some point in the somewhat recent past (say last 2 months) syncing GNU
Keyring started giving the error:

Fatal Alert
DataMgr.c, Line: 6341,
Invalid uniqueID passed

I have tried a lot to diagnose the problem including:

1) deleting the Gtk-Keys.pdb on the pilot and reload a backup copy using
2) delete the Keyring.prc file and reinstalling a known good one.
3) doing a hard reset and restoring from an old backup (almost 1 year ago).

None of this seems to solve the problem.  The backup restore will succeed,
but the next sync fails.

Then, I tried the following.  I noticed that the desktop has a few modified
records (passwords that were changed after having been added to the

1) If I delete the Keys-Gtkr.pc3 file (which I guess stores the changes to
the database), then sync will succeed.
2) If I *ADD* records on the desktop or the palm, sync will succeed.
3) If I *CHANGE* records on the palm, sync will succeed.
4) It seems that any change to an existing record will cause the sync to

This makes the plugin a major pain to use.  I can only add passwords from
the desktop and I have to remember to change them using the palm.

Is this a bug with the syncing code of jpilot?  Any suggestions?

Best Regards,
P. Oscar Boykin                            http://boykin.acis.ufl.edu
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Florida
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