[jp] Exclude files rom backup

Friedrich Dimmling f.dimmling at snafu.de
Tue Aug 29 16:22:48 EDT 2006

Jason Day schrieb:
> Good luck, and please let me know how you make out.
> Jason
Thanks for your help Jason. I fetched the jpilot-backup .deb package 
from the Ubuntu version under development.
It complaint about not beeing able to configure the package because it 
needs libc6 (>= 2.4.1) while on my system there is libc6 version 
2.3.6-0ubuntu20. However it seems to work and does not produce any 
problem as far as I can see now. I could make a backup excluding the two 
problematic files. To save them anyway I have copied them to the SD card 
and transfered them from the card separately. Thus I should have a 
complete backup now.
I tried to compile jpilot-backup from source but ./configure stopped 
because it could not find the pilot-link header files. As a shortcut I 
gave the .deb file from the development version of Ubuntu a try.
Please tell me if you think that the library conflict mentioned above 
could rise serious problems.

Many thanks for the fast and excellent help


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