[jp] Getting synctime to work under Gentoo

Matthew Smith matt at kbc.net.au
Fri Aug 11 21:33:17 EDT 2006

Quoth Steve Evans at 08/12/06 02:06...
>> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128076
> I assume that the last comment in that bug is yours
Yep, that's me!

> libsynctime.la -> /usr/lib/libsynctime.la
> libsynctime.so -> /usr/lib/libsynctime.so
> libsynctime.so.0 -> /usr/lib/libsynctime.so.0
> libsynctime.so.0.0.0 -> /usr/lib/libsynctime.so.0.0.0
> and the time *is* synced for me.
> I suspect that jpilot is looking for libsynctime.so.0, so if you only have 
> libsynctime.so.0.0.0 it won't work.

I linked it as .so.0 .so.0.0 and .so.0.0.0  BUT not as just .so AND I
didn't do the .la

Linking the .la and providing the .so got it working.  But...

Foolishly, I decided to see which symlinks it really needed.  I removed
them in various combinations until it broke - but was then unable to get
it going again, even after removing all symlinks (including in the
~.jpilot/plugins and other directories), unmerging and re-emerging jpilot.

I finally spotted a message in the Jpilot Hotsync log box that had
scrolled out of sight - an error opening the .so because of too many
levels of symlinks.  As all links were back to the original, I don't
know why this was the case.  I removed, once again, all symlinks and
COPIED the originals to /usr/lib/jpilot/plugins and then made symlinks
to .so and .so.0  This fixed the problem.

We still have a broken ebuild, but at least we have two possible
work-arounds now.



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