[jp] Palm m515 - no more USB connections possible

Dr. Jones drjones at vii.com
Mon Sep 26 09:35:52 EDT 2005

Elizabeth Dodd wrote:

>On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 02:41, Martin Seekatz wrote:
>>since I synced the palm with KPilot and later I tried with Jpilot I
>>can  not more establish a USB connection to the palm.
>>Martin Seekatz
>there is a major problem with USB connections on these Palms (m500,m515). If 
>you are a person who attracts static charges, then you can reset the USB to 
>non-functional. I found instructions on the 'net for completely resetting the 
>Palm with a flat battery - nothing simple nor obvious,but within a month I 
>had 'done' it again and couldn't sync with USB.
>(and please note, Judd, that the mailing list database is using old email 
For what it's worth, I own a Palm m505, and love it..It's always with 
me. I has the USB cradle. I know that Palm or someone issued an advisory 
about the the cradle being faulty. I ended up sending my old one in and 
getting a new cradle that didn't have the static problem. It seems like 
the cradles in question had an E in the coding on the bottom. I can't 
recall the details, but perhaps you are dealing with a faulty cradle.

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