[jp] J-Pilot 0.99.8-pre11 available

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Sep 14 22:58:31 EDT 2005

Juergen Lennefer wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working with jPilot for now about 3 years, running it with SuSE Linux 
> (currently version 9.3 using UTF8) with KDE 3.4.2 Level "b" and syncing my 
> TT3.
> Since I tried the 0.99.8 pre releases I'm fighting constantly with the 
> character set settings as the german umlauts are not viewed or wrong entered 
> (or both).
> So it is with pre11, too. I tried all possible char sets in pref, but no 
> success. The char set "UTF: Latin1, Western Europe (CP1252)" should be the 
> best choice, or not?
Did you compile with --enable-gtk2?  Did/does version 0.99.7 work 
properly for you?

> At jPilot entered umlauts are viewed right with jPilot, but give ugly special 
> double chars on the TT3. Otherwise in TT3 correct entered umlauts will not be 
> displayed in jPilot. E.g. in Address Book a Lastname with an umlaut will 
> displayed without it on the left side, the complete name isn't displayed on 
> the right side.
> I'm very unhappy with this issue if jPilot goes in the final version without 
> any fix.   
I can not duplicate this.  It sounds like you are using GTK1.  Let me know.


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