[jp] J-Pilot 0.99.8-pre11 available

Juergen Lennefer juergen at lennefer.de
Wed Sep 14 04:44:50 EDT 2005


I'm working with jPilot for now about 3 years, running it with SuSE Linux 
(currently version 9.3 using UTF8) with KDE 3.4.2 Level "b" and syncing my 
Since I tried the 0.99.8 pre releases I'm fighting constantly with the 
character set settings as the german umlauts are not viewed or wrong entered 
(or both).
So it is with pre11, too. I tried all possible char sets in pref, but no 
success. The char set "UTF: Latin1, Western Europe (CP1252)" should be the 
best choice, or not?

At jPilot entered umlauts are viewed right with jPilot, but give ugly special 
double chars on the TT3. Otherwise in TT3 correct entered umlauts will not be 
displayed in jPilot. E.g. in Address Book a Lastname with an umlaut will 
displayed without it on the left side, the complete name isn't displayed on 
the right side.
I'm very unhappy with this issue if jPilot goes in the final version without 
any fix.   

Please help.

Best regards,

### Juergen Lennefer ### Kuerten ### Germany ###

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