[jp] Keys-Gtkr.pdb

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sun Sep 11 15:44:26 EDT 2005

Donn Washburn wrote:
> Hey Group;
> I am trying to track down "Keys-Gtkr.pdb.  To that end I have checked at 
> Keyring's URL and found a tar.gz which seems to only be for a M68 type 
> of machine.  Well I did find a zip that has what looks to be good files.
> However, it talks about pilot-link.  In Jpilot's source there is 
> "KeyRing"/.lib which has libs for keyring.  Great!
Palm files are for the m68k arhitecture.  You can install the prc files 
with pilot-link, or jpilot.

> Question comes from where do you find "Keys-Gtkr.pdb" which is shown as 
> an error after a HotSync check of the LOG.
Maybe it could not find Keys-Gtkr.pdb?  You have to use KeyRing at least 
once in order to create that file on the palm.  The pdb files are the 
palm databases that palm uses to store data.

> As mentioned earlier today preference>conduit> and set keyring to OFF
> gets rid of the error.


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