[jp] Add a "Today" button to Dabebook view

John Shane jslists at mtwafrica.org
Mon Sep 5 14:42:29 EDT 2005

On Mon, 05 Sep 2005 11:01:47 -0700
Lokrin <lokrin at lokrin.net> wrote:

> John Shane wrote:
> >On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 20:06:23 +1000
> >Elizabeth Dodd <edodd at billiau.net> wrote:
> >
> >  
> >
> >>On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 18:58, John Shane wrote:
> >>    
> >>
> >>>Is this the place to make a feature request?  I'd like to ask the
> >>>developers to consider adding a "Today" button to the Datebook view.  It
> >>>seems to me that the place for it is between the month and year on the bar
> >>>above the month display.  I realize that pressing the F1 key causes the
> >>>view to go to the current day but adding the button would be a convenience
> >>>in some situations.  Thanks, John

> >>>
> >>If you choose the button with the calendar displayed, this is what happens.
> >>Liz

> >
> >Thanks for the reply.  How do I choose the button?  I don't find anything
> >to choose.  John
> >_______________________________________________
> >  
> >
> Are you talking about the device or the desktop?

Well, he said pausing to wipe egg from his face, as you've no doubt seen
by now I was talking about the desktop and had completely missed the fact
that the Datebook view icon on the desktop also doubles as the "Go to
today" button.  (I'd still like to see a "Today" button added though. ;-)

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