[jp] Syncing instructions

Leslie Katz lesliek at ozemail.com.au
Mon Sep 26 01:35:50 EDT 2005

I have a Palm organiser, model m125. It uses a USB cradle for syncing. On my
desktop computer, I run Fedora Core 3, kernel version 2.6.11-1.35.

I have installed on my desktop computer the following relevant packages (with
version numbers in parentheses): pilot-link (0.11.8-8.i386.rpm); gnome-pilot
(2.0.12-4.i386.rpm); and jpilot (0.99.7-2.i386.rpm).

There's a gnome-pilot tutorial for FC3: 
(updated 2004/11/15). It deals with installing and configuring both pilot-link
and gnome-pilot. I followed the steps in that tutorial and all happened as
expected. I next installed jpilot, having read the user manual.

My problem is that, when I've tried to synchronise with the organiser using
jpilot, it's worked a couple of times only; mostly it hasn't.

What I have typically done first is to edit my various databases, particularly
the datebook, using jpilot.

A recent document (http://enterprise.linux.com/print.pl?sid=05/03/17/536231)
says, "[B]y selecting the Sync option in J-Pilot, you will be prompted to press
the sync button on your handheld cradle, at which time your information will be
downloaded to your Linux workstation."

I've tried that (obviously with the organiser already in the cradle), but it
didn't work at all. Perhaps the author of that document was using different
versions of the software than me.

Therefore, after finishing my editing using jpilot, I've put the organiser in
the cradle, pressed the cradle button and then clicked on the "sync" button in
jpilot. However, when I check my organiser afterwards, the changes I've made in
jpilot are usually not picked up by the organiser.

Are you able to suggest to me anything I should be doing differently to ensure
success in syncing every time? If so, I'd be very grateful.

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