[jp] problems of vcard/ldif export for printing alternative

Vassilii Khachaturov vassilii at tarunz.org
Wed Sep 21 18:22:57 EDT 2005

Others on the list have noted that to solve various
problems with the printing of contacts they use export
to vcard/ldif format and print via another app.

I would love to use this feature, too, but I have
a lot of vital information in the 4 custom fields
which I would not like to be missing from the printout.
Also, I have a lot of international characters in my
data. Currently, the international characters
are not properly imported when I, e.g., load the ldif
from jpilot into "kontact". Kontact is
displaying the usual twice-wider mess of a non-unicode-input-aware
application instead of the Russian chars; note that my locale is
ru_RU.KOI8-R and not a UTF one. I wonder if it is a bug of kontact
or whether the LDIF lacks the encoding marker?

The current printing solution I use is pretty ugly: I am using a
standalone older version of jpilot, configured with gtk1, with a
patch specific to my locale (KOI8-R) applied.
See http://bugs.pilot-link.org/view.php?id=1447 for
more details on that patch.

Since the list postscript gurus said the current PS code
in jpilot is a big mess and requires a lot of time to rework,
I wonder how easy would it be to make the export work
with the i18n and with the custom fields mapping.

In http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=246234
I have outlined what I think about an implementation for
the custom fields mapping. Here is an excerpt from the
discussion there:

| > I find it difficult to have a mapping between an _arbitrary_ field name
| > (like "Birthday") and an RF2426 field name (like "BDAY"). How do you
| > think it should be implemented?
| In PocketMirror, there is a file called "custom.txt" that one puts
| into the user profile under the Address directory,
| that is used to specify the mapping.
| Here is a copy of mine:
| ; When you change field mapping, be sure to place the 'X' in front
| ; of the proper option below which will determine how the custom
| ; fields are updated on the first sync.  If Outlook contains the
| ; information you want put in the Handheld then select the first
| ; option "Overwrite Handheld with Outlook data".  If the custom
| ; fields in the Handheld have the information that you want
| ; written into Outlook, choose the second option.
| X Overwrite Handheld with Outlook data
|   Overwrite Outlook with Handheld data
| ; List the field names in order for each of the four custom fields.
| ; If a field is a user-defined field (not one of Outlook's built-in
| ; fields), be sure to put a blank after the field name followed by
| ; the characters "UDF".
| "WebPage"
| "Birthday"
| "Father" UDF
| "User4"
| The above approach is a bit Outlook-centric, it would be better
| to use the RFC field names instead. This type of the mapping config
| (.jpilotrc-based) would do in the beginning; I presume it's also the
| easiest
| to implement. For me it would definitely be more than enough.
| It's possible, however, that people will ask for a GUI wrapper
| later on, so that one could select for each field from a combobox
| with all the RFC field names in a drop-down list.

User-defined fields can be conveniently mapped to the corresponding X-
fields. Quoting the RFC2426:

| 3.8 Extended Types
|    The types defined by this document can be extended with private types
|    using the non-standard, private values mechanism defined in [RFC
|    2045]. Non-standard, private types with a name starting with "X-" may
|    be defined bilaterally between two cooperating agents without outside
|    registration or standardization.

What do you folks think?

Vassilii Khachaturov
P.S. http://www.jpilot.org/mailman/listinfo/jpilot gives me
a "500 - CONFIGURATION ERROR" today.

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