[jp] Palm m515 - no more USB connections possible

Martin Seekatz martin at pibbs.org
Tue Sep 13 12:41:49 EDT 2005


since I synced the palm with KPilot and later I tried with Jpilot I 
can  not more establish a USB connection to the palm.

The Linux (SuSE 9.3) logfiles dos not more show any USB traffic while 
the palm is trying to sync.

Also on my office Notebook, running Windows XP, the  USB is not more 

Under XP I can sync via IRDA. But under Linux I do not know how to set 
the Jpilot for using IRDA.

At home and office I use USB cradles version "E".

I have checked the cables and settings, but could not find any 
mistakes there. Also several resets of the palm do not help.

I hope somebody can help.

Best regards

Martin Seekatz

" Microsoft makes the easy stuff easy, and the rest impossible.
Unix makes everything possible, but nothing too easy."

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