[jp] Move to new hard drive...caused loss of plugins

Dr. Jones drjones at vii.com
Tue Sep 6 16:07:39 EDT 2005

I have one linux system at work. It had two hard drives. One is a spiffy 
new 60 gb SATA while the older drive is 10 gb Eide. The old drive runs 
Debian 3.0 while the new drive is running Debian 3.1.

I have copied over my /jpilot /pilot-link and other associated files. I 
can sync my palm m505 to my jpilot 0.99.8 desktop and vice versa. 
However, now on my desktop I have no access through F7 to the keyring, 
nor to expenses, nor to a few other plugin apps the names of which I 
have now forgotten.

How do I get those plugins working again with my Jpilot installation?



Dr. Scott S. Jones
Hands-On Chiropractic 
IRC: irc.freenode.net #utah
Yahoo: sanchiro12

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