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TR tmst at nethere.com
Tue Oct 25 21:14:02 EDT 2005

I've just returned to JPilot after a stint of using KPilot and Kontact. Ah, 
it's good to be home. I was lured by the incorporation of KMail into Kontact, 
and the fact that KPilot conduit settings are used. But there were certain 
aggravations, most notably difficulty getting my device recognized.

So now I'm back. Not only does this list rock, but there are certain features 
of JPilot I really appreciate now, such as the search dialog which lists all 
the items in any db which match a search term! And you can click on an item 
and immediately see it pop up in JPilot, without even closing the search 
window! Very useful. Also, I now have my memo items back - they never sync'ed 
in Kontact. And the todo list and address book order matches that in my 
device, and the view doesn't reset to the top of the list when checking an 
item, a real pain with Kontact. And I can see which items have notes without 
opening them. And on and on.

Much appreciation to the JPilot team and the help I got here.


On Tue September 6 2005 13:46, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
> > On Sat August 20 2005 11:48, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> >>TR wrote:
> >>>Mikkel,
> >>>
> >>>I mistakenly replied to this using the wrong email address so apologize
> >>>for any duplicates.
> >>>
> >>>Apparently install-user was able to still find the device with the new
> >>>port designation, but continues to hang.
> >>>
> >>>Pretty wierd, huh?
> >>>
> >>>-Tom
> >>
> >>Hi Tom,
> >> Sorry for the long delay - I was called out of town and I just got
> >>back... You should not have /dev/pilot untill you hit the sync button on
> >>the Palm. You may want to run "ls -l /dev/pilot" and see what it is
> >>pointing to. It is possible that it is pointing to a serial port. If
> >>this is the case, then hotplug can not create the proper link when you
> >>hit the sync button.
> >>
> >>Mikkel
> >
> > Ah, this is a point I am not getting. Doing an 'ls -l' with kpilotDaemon
> > running and the palm connected, disconnected and/or killing kpilotDaemon,
> > I always get:
> >
> > [/home/tom] > ls -l /dev/pilot
> > crw-------  1 tom uucp 188, 2 2004-04-06 06:27 /dev/pilot
> > [/home/tom] >
> >
> > Of course, kpilotDaemon is configured to look at /dev/ttyUSB1. This
> > device actually is created when I kpilotDaemon is running and I hit the
> > hotsync button on the device, otherwise it doesn't exist.
> >
> > So, pardon my useless info. This is too complicated for me. Thank
> > goodness the software is somewhat forgiving and/or the penguin smiles on
> > me - knowing that I've peered into the corporate Window of hell.
> >
> > -Tom
> It looks like someone/something tried to create a /dev/pilot device
> entry that is the same as /dev/ttyUSB2 (USB serial converter). I have no
> idea why. But I would delete it, because it is not doing you any good,
> and hotplug will work better if it is not there...
> Mikkel

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