[jp] Disappearing items

Dan Stromberg strombrg at dcs.nac.uci.edu
Wed Nov 9 16:14:58 EST 2005

Hi folks.

I guess I might be what you call a heavy jpilot user.  I depend on it
for nearly everything I do at work, including calendar items in the
datebook, an extensive list of passwords in keyring, over a thousand
memos and pedit32 memos.

However, to my great disappointment, I'm finding that from time to time,
things are getting lost from jpilot and my PDA, both.

I'm using a Tungsten C, and I sync and backup frequently.

I sync with three different jpilot homedirs from time to time - two at
work, and one at home, and I am not using the same versions at all
sites.  I don't have access to the version at home right now, but the
two work versions are 0.99.7 and 0.99.8-pre6.  I use the 0.99.7 very
often, and don't use the 0.99.8-pre6 that often.  I use the one at home
somewhere in between the other two in frequency.

I sync via three different USB cables.  One is from PalmOne (at work),
and the other two are third party vendors (one at home, one at work).

Also, I sometimes sync via 802.11b over a PPTP tunnel.

Once in a while, a sync will get stuck, seemingly hanging forever, and
I'll do a soft reset via the pinhole on the back of the PDA.

I know I've lost an important pedit32 memo at least once around the time
of an 802.11b sync, and I know I've lost at least one crucially
important meeting time around the time of a USB sync using the PalmOne
USB cable.

>From time to time, I see jpilot saying it is not sync'ing whatever
database, but rather fetching whatever database.  Does this mean it's
given up on synchronizing, and is resorting to just the data that's on
the PDA?

Is anyone else seeing data disappear from time to time?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me toward alleviating this problem
- aside from switching to windows?


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