[jp] Fedora Core 4 troubles

Bill Gurley gurley at ion.chem.utk.edu
Wed Jun 22 13:45:12 EDT 2005

Now I'm puzzled about why it's working for Howard and not for me.

Could this error be a clue:

dlp_OpenConduit() failed
Sync canceled
Exiting with status SYNC_ERROR_OPEN_CONDUIT

How can I check to see if there is something else trying to be a conduit?

I did have kdepim stuff installed, but have removed all of these packages:

kdepim kdepim-devel kdeaddons kdesdk kdesdk-devel kdevelop

I will try Judd's suggestions, using cvs, but would prefer to resolve 
this if possible.


Howard Cheng wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Bill Gurley wrote:
>>A recent message from Howard Cheng mentioned his problems with jpilot 
>>under Fedora Core 4.  I too am having problems, but mine are different.
>>I've been using jpilot and redhat/fedora for many years.  Most recently, 
>>it was working fine with Fedora Core 3.  My home machine is still FC3, 
>>so I can sync there ok.  But after I upgraded my office machine to FC4, 
>>I have not been able to sync successfully.  This is still true after the 
>>latest updates.
>>Here are packages I have installed:
>>[root at mars ~]# rpm -qa |grep pilot
> An update: after I upgraded to the packages above and synced from my
> pilot to an empty .jpilot directory, everything is working again on
> FC4.
> Howard
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