[jp] Re: Suggested feature

Joerg Sommer joerg at alea.gnuu.de
Mon Jan 31 07:52:28 EST 2005

Adam Richard <g4c9z at unb.ca> wrote:
> Quoting Joerg Sommer <joerg at alea.gnuu.de>:
>> Adam Richard <g4c9z at unb.ca> wrote:
>> > Quoting Ralph Alvy <ralvy at warpmail.net>:
>> >
>> >> I'd love to see a Go To button that would allow me to enter a date manually. 
>> >> This would work around the problems some of us have getting JPilot to work 
>> >> perfectly under GTK2.
>> >
>> > I agree that something like this would be good.  My suggestion is to allow the
>> month to
>> > be clicked which gives a drop-down list of months, and the year to be clicked
>> which
>> > gives a drop-down textbox for the user to type in a year.
>> Good idea. I would advocate this.
> On second thought, for the case of the year, it would be easier from a programming
> perspective (and maybe even a usability perspective) to simply replace the label with a
> textbox, and update whenever the contents change.

And the month? Do you see there any problems? And does this changes
influence the dialog of "Begin On Date"? That would be great.

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