[jp] GNU/Keyring plugin buglets

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Fri Jan 28 08:38:42 EST 2005

> Maybe you are using a wrong charset in J-Pilot?

	It happens with every single charset that is available in 
Preferences. I changed the charset, exited J-Pilot, re-entered, and 
categories were garbage. 

	The other interesting thing, if I change nothing, and launch 
J-Pilot and look at the categories, then exit, go back, look at the 
categories, they're a different set of garbage each time.

	Also, based on the errors I get from unpack_KeyRing(), this 
has nothing whatsoever to do with any charset conversion. Its not 
getting the right number of bytes it should be getting. 

	I'll keep digging into it. 

> Another solution is to change the pc_id in ~/.jpilot/jpilot.rc to 
> force a slow sync and get the full file.

	I've forced a slow sync, it gave me the same errors. 

David A. Desrosiers
desrod at gnu-designs.com

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