[jp] syncing to multiple desktops

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Thu Jan 27 09:32:16 EST 2005

> Since there's no way in Linux to access pix and videos on the Zire 
> 72, I'm obliged to use Windows to do this.

	Photos, yes. Videos, no. You only asked about videos ;) 

	Take a look at pilot-treofoto and pilot-foto in the 
most-recent 0.12.0-pre1 release for some of those conduits.

	For the other proprietary formats which have not been decoded 
or reverse-engineered, you'll have to use Windows, yes.

> My understanding is that a sync clears all dirty bits on the Palm 
> and the desktop, so if I sync on Windows without syncing on Linux 
> first (let's assume there are changes on the Palm) then when I go 
> back to sync on Linux, not all changes on the Palm will show up in 
> J-Pilot.

	That is not true. If your Palm has "newer" records than what 
appears in J-Pilot, those records will be transferred to J-Pilot. If 
Windows deleted records from your Palm, those deletions will be seen 
as "changes" on your Palm, and J-Pilot will incorporate them. 

	It will do a "slow sync" if you sync to Windows and to Linux 
in that order, just as Windows would if you did the reverse. 

> So the way to handle this would seem to be to always sync with 
> J-Pilot, then go to Windows to get my media files.  Do I have this 
> right?

	The best way to handle this, would be to disable all of the 
unnecessary conduits from running in Windows, leaving only your video 
and photo conduit (and maybe the Installer conduit). Right-click on 
HotSync manager, to go Custom, disable those conduits (Address, 
Calendar, and so on), make sure to click the checkbox for "Set as 
default", and save.

David A. Desrosiers
desrod at gnu-designs.com

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