[jp] syncing to multiple desktops

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Thu Jan 27 09:27:23 EST 2005

G. Vincent Castellano said:
> Since there's no way in Linux to access pix and videos on the Zire 72, I'm
> obliged to use Windows to do this.  My understanding is that a sync clears
> all
> dirty bits on the Palm and the desktop, so if I sync on Windows without
> syncing
> on Linux first (let's assume there are changes on the Palm) then when I go
> back
> to sync on Linux, not all changes on the Palm will show up in J-Pilot.
> So the way to handle this would seem to be to always sync with J-Pilot,
> then go
> to Windows to get my media files.  Do I have this right?
> --gvc

Sync in what ever order you like.  Its the "Last Sync PC" setting on the
Palm that matters.  Each desktop (Palm Desktop, J-Pilot) has a PC ID.  It
sets this on the Palm at the end of a sync.  When either desktop sees that
the Palm it is syncing with was synced on a different desktop it should
perform a slow sync.


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