[jp] Categories in Datebook

Justus Piater Justus.Piater at ULg.ac.be
Thu Jan 27 03:54:36 EST 2005

I think a word of encouragement is in order:

Judd, you're not wasting your time. I am one of many thousands of
happy JPilot users whose life is more pleasant thanks to
JPilot. Open-source developers like you (and many others on this list)
are Real Heros!


Judd Montgomery <judd at jpilot.org> wrote on Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:07:43

> Adam Richard wrote:
>> I just meant reverse engineering (the proper sense of the term) is
>> so difficult that I'd never waste time doing it.
> So you are saying I and others wasted so much time on this?  I think
> Palm is wasting our time, but I do not think free software developers
> are wasting their time on their users.  I do see the time coming when
> we will be and many of us will quit, but that is another thread.
> Judd

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