[jp] Categories in Datebook

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Wed Jan 26 20:07:43 EST 2005

Adam Richard wrote:
> None of these are true synchronization bugs.  So are you saying you believe the
> synchronization algorithm used by J-Pilot isn't buggy?

I don't believe it was buggy until I added category syncronization.

IMO, it isn't possible to sync categories correctly, which is why I left 
it out of the code for so long.  Palm desktop doesn't do it correctly 
the last time I tested it.  This is the last major thing I want to fix 
before another release.

> I think a disclaimer is required whenever you have to guess at something, in other words
> whenever you have no way of verifying whether your software works.
I verify it as much as I can in the free time I have for it.  J-Pilot 
and Pilot-link have thousands, or hundreds of thousands of users and if 
people are loosing data I am not hearing about it.  I am aware of the 
category syncing problems and they will be fixed.

> Of course I didn't mean it's illegal or unethical, I just meant reverse engineering (the
> proper sense of the term) is so difficult that I'd never waste time doing it.
So you are saying I and others wasted so much time on this?  I think 
Palm is wasting our time, but I do not think free software developers 
are wasting their time on their users.  I do see the time coming when we 
will be and many of us will quit, but that is another thread.


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