[jp] transient usb serial nodes on Fedora 3

Olaf Schulz jpilot at village.in-berlin.de
Wed Jan 26 17:44:24 EST 2005

Hallo Adam,
am Wed, 26.01.2005 um 15:35 h -0400 schriebst Du:
> Thanks for the suggestion.  I already knew about it but I had problems with it which may
> not be related to J-Pilot and in a while once I try something we'll see whether that's
> true.  With this solution, though, suppose you have J-Pilot open when you press
> hotsync.  The records you modified on the PDA don't show up in J-Pilot since it doesn't
> refresh itself - you have to restart it.  That's partly a limitation of having an
> integrated program which tries to do everything J-Pilot does - it assumes it's the only
> synchronizer and the files couldn't possibly change unless it changes them.

I don't feel too uncomfortable with that as I know that I'd have to change
forth and back to another date or category to display the changes. It's not
enough to change items in Memo.
Suggestion: Perhaps it would be possible to recognize SIGHUP or SIGUSR1 by
jpilot or another more suitable signal (and have jpilot-sync sending it to any
instance of this user's jpilot.) What do developers think of this?

No need to restart JPilot. I hardly ever quit JPilot during an X session and I
always have it starting with X.
> Another limitation is, what if you do a hard reset on your PDA (say the batteries go
> dead) and want to restore its data?  You have to disable that script, which might
> require root access and all the rest (the way I did it is have the script check whether
> a certain file exists and if so don't sync, which isn't bad but still requires a
> command line to change the setting).

that's what I am also doing.


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