[jp] transient usb serial nodes on Fedora 3

G. Vincent Castellano gvc at ocsystems.com
Wed Jan 26 13:19:13 EST 2005

Adam Richard wrote:
> I agree.  It would be really nice if USB devices were handled better, for example if the
> device file doesn't exist wait until it does and print a message like "waiting for the
> Palm to be plugged in...".  The thing with USB devices is they don't appear until a
> certain period of time after the hotsync button is pressed, and it can be hard to tell
> how long that period of time is without a mechanism of checking whether /dev/pilot (or
> whatever you call it) exists.

I'm getting spoiled.  I never thought to get into the code and implement this 
myself.  I'll let you know.  But in the case where sync is started on the palm 
first, I wouldn't know what to do.

Note that pilot-xfer 0.12 handles both cases seamlessly.  As I built jpilot 
0.99.8-pre7 on top of this, I was surprised to find it didn't work.

> I don't know if it will work for JPilot to create the nodes because if the connection
> hasn't been made between the handheld and PC then I would think data sent to the device
> would be lost.  For that reason waiting for it seems better to me, though I'm not
> sure.
> Quoting "G. Vincent Castellano" <gvc at ocsystems.com>:
>>I have a Zire 72 which I am using with an IBM T23 running Fedora core 3. 
>>(jpilot/pilot-xfer version info at end.  In  order to be able to sync, I first 
>>need to create the USB serial device nodes:
>>[ ! -e /dev/ttyUSB0 ] && sudo /bin/mknod /dev/ttyUSB0 c 188 0
>>[ ! -e /dev/ttyUSB1 ] && sudo /bin/mknod /dev/ttyUSB1 c 188 1
>>sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB?
>>I have a script to do this before syncing, but it would be nice to just have
>>jpilot take care of it.  If the usb serial nodes don't exist, then I either get 
>>(starting the sync in jpilot first):
>>  Syncing on device /dev/ttyUSB1
>>  Press the HotSync button now
>>pi_bind error: /dev/ttyUSB1 No such file or directory
>>Check your serial port and settings
>>Exiting with status SYNC_ERROR_BIND
>>Or if I start the sync on the Zire first and then hit the Jpilot sync button:
>>  Syncing on device /dev/ttyUSB1
>>  Press the HotSync button now
>>pi_accept Invalid argument
>>Exiting with status SYNC_ERROR_PI_ACCEPT
>>Is there a way to get jpilot to create these nodes when a sync is requested? 
>>I'll settle for instructions on how to get Fedora to not take away the nodes 
>>when the device is disconnected.  I looked in /etc/hotplug[.d] but but my kung 
>>fu is apparently not strong enough to figure out how to make hotplug do what I want.
>>I tried creating a /dev/pilot node with the same major/minor as /dev/ttyUSB1 but 
>>this didn't seem to work.
>>Version/Build info:
>>    This is /usr/local/bin/pilot-xfer, from pilot-link version 0.12.0-pre1
>>    Build target..: i686-pc-linux-gnu
>>J-Pilot version 0.99.8-pre7
>>  Copyright (C) 1999-2004 by Judd Montgomery
>>  judd at jpilot.org, http://jpilot.org
>>J-Pilot comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the file
>>COPYING included with the source code, or in /usr/docs/jpilot/.
>>This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
>>it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
>>the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
>>Date compiled Jan 24 2005 22:24:32
>>Compiled with these options:
>>  Installed Path - /usr/local
>>  pilot-link version - 0.12.0
>>  USB support - yes
>>  Private record support - yes
>>  Datebk support - yes
>>  Plugin support - yes
>>  Manana support - yes
>>  NLS support (foreign languages) - yes
>>  GTK2 support - no
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