[jp] Poll: GTK1 versus GTK2

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Tue Jan 25 15:57:31 EST 2005

> The problem is the Reply-to: mail header.  See [1] for some 
> explanantions.

	There is no problem that I can see, this is how SMTP works. 

	When someone replies to the list with their vote, that reply 
goes out to thousands of other members on the list (well, on this 
list, 348 members for each reply). So far, that's been 11,484 
messages, just to track 33 votes. I don't mind either way, but a 
single poll location is going to improve that issue considerably.

	A few small http hits are significantly faster, more robust, 
and easier to track and count, than dozens or hundreds of emails on 
the mailing list via the archives. 

	Just my 0.02c. I'm trying to make things easier for everyone.

> I don't see how to vote. Do I have to login first?

	Yes, logging in is required because anonymous voting is 
subject to spoofing and since you can only vote once per-login, its 
going to be easier to get an accurate metric overall.

	But yes, anyone could log in with 20 different email 
addresses, and vote 20 times, but if they really like gtk1 or gtk2 
that much... they should be writing the code to improve it ;)

	Your points are well taken, however.

David A. Desrosiers
desrod at gnu-designs.com

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