[jp] Poll: GTK2

Jim Bradbury jim at bradbury.org
Mon Jan 24 11:50:02 EST 2005

Poll: GTK2

R. W. wrote:
> Jan. 24th, 2005
> All users,
> The developers of Jpilot need your input.  We have been maintaining
> both GTK1 and GTK2 versions of Jpilot but are finding this increasingly
> difficult to do.
> We would like your help to understand how much longer we need to
> continue to support GTK1.  If a large fraction of users continue to
> deploy GTK1 then we will support both but if the user base has moved to
> GTK2 then we want to know it.  
> Please vote by telling us which version of GTK you are currently
> running.  To respond to the poll just reply or send e-mail to
> jpilot at jpilot.org.  The subject line should contain 'Poll: GTK1' if you
> are currently using GTK1 and 'Poll: GTK2' if you are using GTK2.  
> If you have extra thoughts send them in a separate e-mail with a
> different subject line.
> Thanks,
> J-Pilot developers

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