[jp] Interoperability

Adam Richard g4c9z at unb.ca
Tue Jan 18 12:07:16 EST 2005

What about the iCalendar/vCalendar format for the datebook and the vCard format for the
address book?  Since these are standardized formats (as far as I know), it seems best
to me to have a good datebook program use .ics files and a good address book program
use .vcf files to store their data.  The Palm synchronization could then have conduits
to translate between these formats and .pdb, then synchronize the changes with the Palm

Unfortunately, I have not found a good address book or datebook program for the PC, and
there's no conduit to do this conversion.  J-Pilot isn't bad, but I dislike the fact
that it integrates everything into one program.  I use it in the meantime because it's
the only synchronization program for Linux that lets me access/modify all my data on
the PC as well as doing synchronization almost properly (better than kde-pim anyway).

Quoting Karl Schmidt <karl at xtronics.com>:

> I've been looking into different ways to marry programs in Linux to each 
> other (including j-pilot) and now see a common problem with several 
> programs. To let a mail client see the addresses in jpilot it seems that 
> a common database (say my-sql) needs to be used. The missing part is a 
> standard way to store things.
> What I imagine is a database that has notes, address records, calender 
> info -- but not only that but the same data base would have your email 
> messages in it, bookmarks, accounting data base (so they share the same 
> address records) etc. I'm thinking that someone else must be going down 
> these roads.
> A for instance - if jpilot used a database to store the records one 
> could  share that information via a web application. One's secretary 
> could add appointments from anywhere there was a browser.
> Web apps have limitations but they work well enough for the many using 
> yahoo for their email.
> How does j-pilot store its data? Has anyone thought of making it work 
> online with a data-base?

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