[jp] Command line (shell) interface for syncing?

Adam Richard g4c9z at unb.ca
Sat Jan 15 14:15:44 EST 2005

Quoting Ron Lauzon <rlauzon at acm.org>:

> > Thanks!  It looks like a well-written script (except the indentation which is off).
>  I
> > notice that it doesn't seem to do anything with the .pc3 files, though.  If I add
> a
> > record in JPilot, then sync with the script, are you sure it will appear on my
> > handheld?
> No.  Unfortunately, if you add a record in JPilot, you need to sync with 
> JPilot to have it put the record into your Palm.
> I use JPilot infrequently.  Most of what I do is just install files on 
> my Palm and back up my Palm.  The command line works just fine for that.

It's too bad.  That limits my options unless I only use JPilot for everything on my
computer that I also want on my Palm.  I guess I'll try to use something else.

Thanks for trying, anyway.

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