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Fri Jan 14 01:09:07 EST 2005


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:10:09 +0100, Ludovic Rousseau
<ludovic.rousseau at free.fr> wrote:
> Le Thursday 13 January 2005 à 16:50:47, Jouston Huang a écrit:
> Since you are using GTK2 you _shall_ use a UTF encoding.
> You can use "iconv --list" to have a list of all possible encoding and
> change "GBK" in otherconv.c to something else like "BIG-5".
> Of course you have to select "UTF: Chinese (GBK)" in jpilot since you
> are changing this configuration.

Thank you for advice. I modified otherconv.c in line 111
sprintf(text_char_set, "GBK");


sprintf(text_char_set, "BIG-5");

Now it works great! I bet this issue was really close to be done.

> If you are happy with your new conversion tell me so I had it in jpilot.
> Bye,
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