[jp] Jpilot on Fedora Core 3 - can't synch

Dan Stromberg strombrg at dcs.nac.uci.edu
Thu Jan 13 20:48:12 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 08:46 +1000, Robert Hart wrote:
> Tks for the reply David,
> > I sidestepped the udev monkey business, for the time being, by just
> > creating a ttyUSB1 node -outside- the /dev hierarchy.
> OK - so how do you do this and where do you put it if not in /dev? From
> my research I think the mknod command would be
> 	/bin/mknod /dev/ttyUSB1 c 188 1
> but I'm not sure. Also, could one sidestep this and just call
> it /dev/pilot?

I can confirm that the device is indeed c 188 1.

Also, udev has rules for how things appear under /dev, but it doesn't
seem to care about devices you create elsewhere.

So you could mkdir /mydevs, and put your device in there without

It's not the graceful solution, but it's a quick way of getting going
until, in our copious free time, we can study up on udev.  :)

> Also, how do you work out which physical port is what internal device
> (my laptop has three USB ports). In my mucking around trying to get
> things to work I have seen the same physical port called USB0,1,2,3!!!
> In fact, the automatically created ports seem to come in pairs - which
> is quite strange.

Mine -usually- comes up as ttyUSB1, but dmesg is the authority, I

It's when I disconnect and reconnect repeatedly, for the most part, that
I start getting the same device on multiple ports.

> Interestingly, I also have a usb memory stick - and that gets handled
> quite perfectly by FC3 - but it seems to do this outside of the new
> system in kernel-2.6* that (mis-)handles usb as there's no usb port
> created for it (that I can see).

Interesting.  And I have a USB camera that FC3 completely ignores.

> If I put a hard link in for one USB port, I presume I wont be able to
> use that physical port for my memory stick???

Well...  I'd guess that udev may renumber things based on the order in
which they're connected.

> I am wondering if I should go to synching by infrared. My laptop has an
> IR port (albeit in the most inconvenient position in the front of the
> machine below the keyboard). However, I have no idea how to set up the
> IR port in Linux. I can see reference to IR in /var/log/messages
> Jan 13 08:39:24 bree irattach: tcgetattr: Input/output error
> Jan 13 08:39:24 bree irda: irattach startup succeeded
> Jan 13 08:39:27 bree kernel: PPP generic driver version 2.4.2
> Jan 13 08:39:27 bree irattach: Stopping device /dev/ttyS2
> Jan 13 08:39:27 bree irattach: ioctl(SIOCGIFFLAGS): No such device
> Jan 13 08:39:27 bree irattach: exiting ...

Sync'ing by infrafred is a good thought, IMO.  I have no experience with
it, but might be able to offer assistance where it happens to be the
same as 802.11b, if at all.  :)

Basically, for 802.11b, you just go into hotsync on the palm, and give
it the correct IP address for the machine running jpilot, and then tell
jpilot to sync on "net:", assuming that the PDA's IP address

-But-, I don't really know if infrared even -has- IP addresses!

Also, I use a Devil Linux server that receives a PPTP tunnel from my
Tungsten C, and then the DL server connects to my linux desktop over
OpenVPN - which means that most of the time, I can use a consistent IP
address, even though I'm coming in through who-knows-how-many DHCP

> but it would appear that things are not quite right!
> > However, there have been USB palm synch problems in FC3 kernels for a
> > while now.  The latest stuff in yum yesterday still didn't appear to
> > solve the problem.  The trouble for some people is that USB palm sync
> > gets stuck.  For others (including me!), the system crashes during a
> > palm USB sync.
> Sigh...I know that the Red Hat developers all use Palms (or used to when
> I knew them) and I am astonished that we are having problems...


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